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    Oriental cabinets make a storage statement - From Chinese wedding cabinets & noodle cabinets to Indian almirahs & wardrobes, cabinets have been an integral part of the home. Oriental cabinets are freestanding furniture. We also carry a selection of newly made cabinets inspired by traditional design using recycled or old wood. We offer a modification service if you require a wardrobe rail or wish to store a T.V. or Hi fi system at extra cost.

    Our genuine antiques are restored by our artisan team and are always dated. Pieces date from 250 years old to reproduction pieces made in the last few years.

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    Oriental Cabinets

    Our oriental cabinets are mostly Chinese & Indian antique cabinets although we also stock some Japanese & Tibetan cabinets. Varying in size from large wardrobes and wide sideboards to low kang cabinets and av units, every piece has a story and is an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable furniture. 

    Our antique oriental cabinets are great for storage.