Oriental Mirrors

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and can bring new life to a room. We're always looking unusual and unique mirrors. Our captivating collection consists of mirrors made from doorways & windows, small bathroom mirrors and everything in between. We use a range of sustainable materials including mango wood, bone inlay and reclaimed teak & pine.

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Aqua Hand Painted Indian MirrorAqua Hand Painted Indian Mirror
Red Hand Painted Indian MirrorRed Hand Painted Indian Mirror
Round Mango Wood Indian MirrorRound Mango Wood Indian Mirror
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A mirror can bring life to any room. If it’s a small room the reflection from a window can lighten up the room and the mood of a room.Our mirrors are mostly ‘one off’s’ or limited edition, so your room will have a unique look.A selection of antique, reproduction and modern mirrors to complete your home.