The antique furniture that we sell is restored here in our own Wiltshire workshop. This means that we understand each piece thoroughly. If there are any replacements or modifications, the information is passed on to our customers.

It is important to note that most Chinese furniture and almost all Tibetan furniture on offer in the UK, Europe & the USA is not what it appears to be. Many are reproduction pieces that have been reconstructed from badly damaged furniture or are newly made with an "antique" finish. Not all dealers will tell you this - in fact many dealers are not even aware of it themselves as they are not involved in the restoration process. It is because we carry out the restoration in our own workshops that we are able to guarantee the authenticity of every piece.

We have been working with Indian & Chinese furniture for over 30 years and take great pride in the finishing the furniture that we sell at Indigo.

Restoration Service

We offer a restoration service  at an hourly rate for Oriental antiques. Please send some photos to or call us on 01672 564722 directly to discuss your requirements.


Valuation Service

We receive many requests for valuations and it is very time consuming.

We make a small charge for this service. 

Please send some photos to  - or call us on 01672 564722 directly to discuss your requirements.

New Containers just arrived

We've just had two containers arrive this week full of lovely furniture from India and China

We have finished unpacking but we haven't had time to upload anything on the website yet!

Come down to visit our Wiltshire showroom and warehouse for an exclusive preview

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