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    The traditional Indian sideboard is known as a Damchiya, or dowry chest. Indian sideboards are usually rustic, carved or painted. Most of our pieces are from Rajasthan & Gujarat in western India. As antique Indian sideboards are uncommon, our collection also holds reclaimed wood cabinets made from old teak wood panels which look fantastic in bathrooms as well as living rooms.

    Our genuine antiques are restored by our artisan team and are always dated. Pieces date from 250 years old to pieces made up from old solid wood.

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    Sideboards are very uncommon in India and really weren't used until the middle to late 19th century. This collection of Indian sideboards is comprised of Damchiya dowry chests (or Hope chests) & Pitara Chests and cabinets which have been made up from old reclaimed teak wood panels. 

    Damchiya chests would traditionally have been given to the groom's family by the bride's family. Often they were made from multiple wooden panels, trees being scarce in the desert of Rajasthan and Gujarat. They often have splayed legs which has restricted their popularity in the west, however we do our best to find Damchiya which fit snugly against the wall.