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    Indian chests and boxes come in an extraordinary variety of styles reflecting the many cultures that influenced India over centuries. Our collection of genuine antique Indian chests offers a stylish alternative to storage. 

    Normally constructed from Teak, Rosewood or Jackfruit wood, Indian chests & trunks were used for storing valuables such as textiles, jewellery & money that might be used as dowry for marriages. Indian military chests are usually made in teak wood or rosewood and are brass bound. Every chest tells a loving story and each and every piece can be used as blanket boxes or coffee tables.

    Our genuine Indian antique chests are restored by our artisan team and are always dated. Pieces date from 250 years old to pieces made up from old solid wood.

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    Indian Chests & Trunks

    Indian chests come in all shapes and sizes from wooden and painted dowry chests to brass bound military chests. Indian boxes are usually made from teak or rosewood, although kair wood (Capparis decidua), jackfruit wood and cedar are also used. Many of our chests originate from Rajasthan & Gujarat with some pieces also coming from Rann of Kutch, the Himalayas, Kerala & Hyderabad. Chests make for great storage of extra bedding or clothes, plus they can also be used as a Coffee table if space is limited. We choose carefully to ensure the height of our Indian chests is just right for use as a coffee table.

    We hold the largest selection of quality antique Indian chests in the UK. Roughly half of our selection is available online with more pieces available to view in store.