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    Shop the largest collection of quality antique Chinese furniture in Europe. Our unique antique Chinese furniture comes in many styles from elm wood altar tables to sophisticated Chinese lacquer furniture. Each piece of antique Chinese furniture is hand picked and an authentic Chinese antique (where dated). Explore luxurious red & black lacquer furniture, Chinese wedding cabinets, painted sideboards and elm horseshoe chairs.

    Our wide variety of Chinese furniture the Qing dynasty (1644 - 1911) and originally came from Shanxi, Gansu, Hebei provinces as well as Tibet, Mongolia & Qinghai.

    With each piece of antique Chinese furniture expertly restored, our antique Chinese furniture has guaranteed authenticity.

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    Chinese & Oriental Antique Furniture

    Our Chinese antique furniture dates from 18th, 19th & early 20th century with date authenticity guaranteed. Our Oriental furniture is mostly from Shanxi & Gansu province although we also purchase from Beijing, Tianjin, Hunan & Jiangsu provinces. The climate of these areas is more stable and less humid meaning there is less wood movement when pieces arrive in the UK. Chinese antique furniture from the border of Tibet & Mongolia is particularly interesting with its vibrant paint finishes. 

    Chinese cabinets are the most common type of Chinese oriental antique furniture and come in a large range of styles and sizes. The most dramatic Chinese cabinets are Chinese wedding cabinets which are usually coloured with either black lacquer or red lacquer. Chinese antique sideboards are our most popular type of Chinese antique furniture.

    Chinese furniture is incredibly well made with precise and considered construction. Most panels and doors are not glued and are made as "floating panels" allowing them to move freely as the climate changes. 

    We hold the largest selection of quality antique Chinese antique furniture in the UK. Roughly half of our selection is available online with more pieces available to view in store.