About Us

Established as an antiques shop in the mid 1970's by Richard & Marion Lightbown and run with the help of their son, Tom, Indigo has been a pioneer in bringing oriental antique furniture to the European market and now has the largest collection of Chinese antiques, Indian antiques , handicrafts & accessories available to purchase in the UK. In the last 10 years, we've grown our collections to include the largest collection of Tibetan antiques & Mongolian antiques within the UK. Whilst the majority of our antique pieces date from 18th, 19th and early 20th century, we also sell a range of rustic and Asian inspired furniture made to compliment our antiques whist also pairing perfectly with furniture in contemporary interiors.  

We personally select each piece on our buying trips to India, China, Tibet, Mongolia & Japan. With over 40 years of experience buying antiques we have three rules; whatever we buy has to be beautiful, as original as possible, and show ware, also known as patination (patina can refer to any fading, darkening or other signs of age created either naturally or by human interaction).

We restore all furniture in our own workshops in Wiltshire. We always carry a large selection of antique furniture, architectural salvage, stone, marble & smaller decorative pieces of art in stock.


Our Heritage

Richard first discovered India's unique and special culture having driven overland by motorbike from England to India via Afghanistan in the early 1970’s.

From India he travelled to Australia and planned to return to the U.K permanently, however he met Marion on a ship travelling back from Australia. Marion had settled in Sydney. The prospect of living in a cold and austere Britain was not attractive, so they returned to Sydney and after two years of saving hard they set off on their travels through South East Asia, India & Nepal on their epic trip back overland in a V.W. Camper van.  

Whilst on their two year journey, Marion & Richards route had taken them trekking over the Himalayas across the truly beautiful lands of Nepal and Ladakh. There was plenty of time to plan the future. After trekking they returned to India and purchased stock for a small shop. They knew they had to pursue something they truly loved, and this decision ticked all the right boxes. Buying the art and culture they'd seen in India, to sell back in the UK. It sounded simple enough. The first brush with reality was a stall in Camden Lock Market, where they  quickly realised that trying to predict others tastes when sourcing items was a fools game. Once they set the rule to only buy what they would love to take home themselves the task was much easier, and within two weeks they had to return to India to purchase additional stock.

They still follow that cardinal rule today, it’s the baseline of their business  

“We are passionate about what we do. We cherry pick, we are very fussy buyers, so we always buy beautiful things that we know will give us joy, so if they don’t sell quickly we get to enjoy them a little bit longer.”

Richard and Marion in Camden Lock Market
The stall at Camden Lock Market run by Marion & Richard

Over the years Indigo has grown and now has a central warehouse and showroom in the pleasant Wiltshire countryside not far from Pewsey, Marlborough & Devizes. You can find us by car, train or bus HERE.

* It is important to note that a large percentage of Chinese furniture on offer in the UK, Europe & America is not what it appears to be. Many pieces are reconstructed from badly damaged furniture or are newly made with an "antique" finish. Not all dealers will tell you this - It is because we carry out the restoration in our own workshops that we are able to guarantee the authenticity of every piece.