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    Traditional Mongolian furniture is beautifully painted and usually functional. Mongolian sideboards were used for clothes & grain storage and cabinets used for ancestor worship. Heavily influenced by bordering provinces of Tibet, Gansu, Shanxi & Qinghai our Mongolian furniture originates from Inner Mongolia and whilst simple in construction, very finely & intricately painted with Buddhist and historic scenes giving a window into Mongolian life in the 19th century.

    Our genuine antiques are restored by our artisan team and are always dated. Our pieces date from 250 to 50 years old. Beware of reproduction, repainted & high gloss fakes which have become commonplace and are worth only a fraction of the value despite being sold as antique.

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    Traditional Mongolian Furniture, Cabinets & Sideboards

    Our eclectic range of antique traditional Mongolian furniture is a window into the life of the people of Inner Mongolia. Most Mongolian furniture is decorated with colourful painting showing various depictions of precious objects of value such as vases & instruments but also animals and landscape scenes.