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    Our Indian antique salvage & reclaimed carved Indian doors are the ultimate entrance way. Every piece is personally sourced in India and tells a story. Sourcing unique reclaimed doors for a project can be fun. They can be built into your home, or hung simply as wall art. Begin your journey with our wide selection of old doors & windows. 

    Our carved Indian doors & windows mostly originate from Orissa & Rajasthan and vivid painted pieces from Bikaner. We have pieces suitable for interior & exterior building projects and can source items specific to your requirements.

    Our genuine antiques are restored by our artisan team and are always dated. Pieces date from 250 to 50 years old.

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    Unusual Antique Salvage - Reclaimed wooden Indian doors & Window Shutters, intricately carved stone Jali Windows & Panels are iconic additions to any room. These inspirational pieces can either be mounted as wall decor or built in as an integral piece of your home. Every piece tells a story and is personally sourced by Indigo in Asia. Carved Indian doors usually originate from Rajasthan whereas traditional Indian doors & window shutters from Bikaner are vividly painted with earthy green, ochre and crimson tones. A collection of quality Indian & Chinese architectural salvage, ideal for interior and exteriors projects. We can also source pieces for clients.