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Chinese Porcelain

Chinese porcelain considered some of the finest quality in the world. Our curated selection of hand painted reproduction Chinese porcelain is made in the traditional way on the potters wheel in Jingdezhen where pottery has been produced for the last 1500 years. Our collection includes the famous Blue & White, Celadon, Sang De Boeuf, Famille Rose & Wucai glazes and styles.

Most pieces are reproduction and every piece is hand painted & hand made.

New Arrivals from China & India - SEE EVERYTHING IN STORE!

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Sang De Boeuf Porcelain StoolSang De Boeuf Porcelain Stool
Celadon Porcelain Temple JarCeladon Porcelain Temple Jar
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Quality hand painted Chinese porcelain made in small batches in the traditional way from Jingdezhen, where they have been producing the famous Blue & White Porcelain since the 1300's.We usually hold stock of Chinese vases, ginger jars, temple jars and a variety of designs including Blue & White, Famille Rose, Wucai, & Orange & White porcelain.