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Nawab of Junagadh - Good Quality Copy of Original Plate
The State of Junagadh lies in the southwestern portion of the Kathiawar peninsula and represented the ancient province of Saurashtra, meaning 'Good Country'. Junagadh abounds in several ancient and noteworthy monuments like the Edicts of Asoka, the Somnath Temple at Prabhas Pathan and the Uparkot citadel and Mount Girnar with its Jain and Hindu temples. The state is the home of the famous Gir lions which are found in the densely wooded Gir forest. These Gir lions were preserved by His Highness at considerable expense.
Junagadh was one of the progressive states of its time which had invested heavily in an elaborate network of roads, railways and postal services. It also encouraged education through numerous scholarships and freeships. Medical relief was also available through various institutions furnished with the latest scientific equipment.
Good Quality Copy of Original Plate. Supplied in Matt Black Wooden Frame.
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