Bronze Dancing Shiva Statue

Chola period bronzes were created using the lost wax technique.The process is commonly known as Cire Perdue. Beeswax is mixed with a little oil and kneaded well to soften it. The figure is sculpted from this mixture fashioning all the minute details. When finished the entire figure is then coated with clay made from termite hills to create the mould. The mould is ithen dried and fired in an oven with cow-dung cakes. The wax model melts leaving an empty clay mould. The mould is then heated and molten brass or bronze is poured into the empty clay-mould. Chola bronzes use an alloy is known as Pancha Loham. When the mould is entirely filled it is left to cool. The clay mould is then broken off exposing the cast bronze figure. The casting is then cleaned, finer details are carved, and blemishes are removed. It is finally polished or in this case given a verdigris patina .
From India

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